Shopping for Primark in the USA


Are you an American woman (or man) wanting to get in on the Primark lines of trendy clothing for bargain prices? Who could blame you? It’s like H&M but with more pizzazz. I have nothing but bad news for you, however. This UK-based retail chain does not have any locations in the United States, nor does this European retail giant offer any merchandise for purchase online. It’s a bummer, I know, but an unfortunate truth for anyone interested in putting money on the table for one of the world’s most noticeable and in-demand brands.

If you are lusting after the Primark offerings from the U.S. You have a couple of options…#1) Fly to Europe, as the region has over 200 locations so you can probably go someplace on your bucket list and hit up a store- twofer! Put your massive purchases and travel expenses on your credit card to earn airline miles for the next trip. Ok, that idea is a little unreasonable. Your best bet is to use option #2) purchasing through an alternative Internet shopping provider.

Shop the Store from America

Primark Pink Shift Dress with Crochetebay logo A perennial fave for finding Primark clothing online through a legitimate web source is eBay. Individuals with access to Primark stores have industriously seized their geographical advantage by engaging in some small scale fashion flipping. These entrepreneurs seem to recognize that a large part of the Primark draw depends on low pricing, so you won’t get fleeced. Since many of the items are being auctioned, they will only sell for what shoppers are willing to pay. Most of the items for sale offer international shipping, but this comes at a cost. Ironically, when shopping for inexpensive clothing overseas sometimes the shipping fees will outmatch the purchase price. Case in point, the dress to the left is being sold on eBay in used condition for $11, but the shipping fee is listed at $12. Still, if this item floats your boat, $23 is not bad for a dress!

Hot Pink Primark Blouse

The offerings on eBay are not all pre-owned. Some sellers are shopping stores and placing bets on which items from the newest collections are going to be in hot demand. They are not only targeting those customers with no access to physical stores, such as browsers from the USA, but also, they hope to earn extra money from frustrated shoppers unable to find the item in stock or in their size at their nearest store. For instance, the hot pink blouse to the right is from the summer 2012 collection. It is listed for $7.25 and as new without tags.

Third-party distributors must take out or mark through the clothing tags to prevent unlawful returns to the actual stores. Want to save money? Try viewing all the items from a given eBay seller. Often shipping multiple items at once will save on shipping costs. Perhaps you will find a seller who just had a massive haul of all the latest garments, and you can snap up many pieces at once!

More Ways to Score Online Finds

As with any shopping outside of a traditional retail store, the hobby takes effort, persistence, and patience. If you hate checking back often or taking a size that was close but not perfect to the tailors, shopping for things online via eBay may not be for you. You’re better off hitting up bargain retailers in the U.S. If, however, you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, this may be a great option for you.

Most people stomach the extra cost of parcel for transporting their goods overseas, because logic figures that even with paying double after shipping, the clothes are well priced and MUCH less expensive than hopping a plane and staying in a hotel! As such, many folks turn their shopping trips into something closer to that of a pilgrimage. Here’s to hoping you can take a journey of your own and stock up – Happy Hunting, Yanks ; )

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