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Do you have your credit card numbers memorized and at the ready for some Primark online shopping? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, if you are in debt) you’re going to have to hold onto your money for just a little longer, because currently it’s not possible to shop for Primark items online. The website for this store offers no way to purchase items or to even browse the entire collection. Currently, if you want to buy Primark clothing, you will need to journey to one of their 200+ physical retail locations in the UK and the EU.

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Shopping Primark’s Online Store

shop primark mens clothes onlineThe official Primark website is, but don’t forget that while you can catch a sneak peak at the items they carry, you can’t add any of them to an online cart, and you can’t use a credit card or paypal to pay for your new goodies. So no losing your heart to the perfect dress (unless you live close to a store- in that case, fall head over heels). The website offers great pictures of trendy clothes for extremely good prices, but no way to have them arrive on your doorstep. What a tease! On this page we’ll talk more about what kind of clothes the stores carry, and we’ll also examine where one could, in theory, buy apparel and accessories originally sold by Primark.

If you’re interested in at least seeing what the retailer has to offer, is a great place to begin your journey into the world of exclusive brands and products. The homepage is updated regularly with seasonal merchandise and designers. When winter rolls around, jackets abound on the company’s web portal. Even before the snow starts to melt around the European regions, the site will start to showcase lighter, brighter fabrics and materials. The website you are visiting now is also a good place to look. We gather photos of Primark goods from multiple sources and add commentary as a hobby. Can’t keep our opinion to ourselves! Scroll to the bottom of this page for a taste.

Store Prices and Cost

primark clothing prices - cash registerThe store’s empire is clearly giving people what they want or there wouldn’t be over 200 stores today. In this case, it’s Primark’s prices that help sustain the insatiable desire for affordable and trendy clothes throughout the EU. The stylings and prices are similar to another retail giant, H&M. Both stores have one further commonality in not letting people buy their products online. Evidently, online retail disrupts their successful business models, but it’s darn frustrating to those of us living far away.

Here are some of the prices listed on the category landing pages of the retail website (these are meant as a sample and a bit of a tease):

  • Black Ladies Coat (women): £35
  • Lined Zip Cardigan (young boys): £10
  • Hero Knee High riding Boots (women and girls): £25
  • Lined Fairisle Knit Jacket (young and petite girls): £10
  • Preppy Shawl Cardigan (young men): £14
  • Cable Toggle Cape (women): £16
  • Jacquard Shawl Collar Cardigan (men): £12

The merchandise and pricing for given locations varies.  The only way to know exactly what’s for sale is by walking into any of their stores and actually looking on the racks in front of you.

Where to buy Primark Online

primark butler webb suit
The suit you see above is just one of many examples of finding used Primark clothes. If you cannot shop the actual store, eBay is the safest place with the widest selection for you to buy Primark clothes from home. There isn’t an officially-sanctioned place to buy items, so online shopping platforms like this, or like craigslist in some parts of the world, are the perfect place to find a new favourite accessory or item.

The particular jacket you see above is from the Primark-exclusive line Butler & Webb and being listed at 39 pounds, or approximately US$65, you can see why so many millions of dapper paupers flock to the store for great style at equally great bargains.

For those a little younger at heart:
primark atmosphere shirt sale online
The shirt in the listing above comes from the Atmosphere line, which tends to cater to a youthful teen crowd as well as university types that are eager to showcase a little personal flair with graphic tees with sassy sayings.

Primark Clothes to Watch

This next batch of clothes has yet to be spotted on eBay, but some of them are so cute, it might be time to start a look out. These items are from the Primark spring line for 2012.

floral dress, rope belt, bagVictorian neckline meets flower girl mini-dress. I’m not crazy about this combo, but I know some readers out there will be all for it. My issues are with the bold floral pattern (just not my style) and the short a-line of the skirt. One stiff breeze and everyone will be seeing your flower power. While the dress isn’t blowing my skirt up, the bag is lovely! Just the right size with the bright turquoise accents will make a double take worthy accessory for any outfit.

Bird Print Shift Dress

This 1960s inspired Primark dress is a Go-Go! Short and sassy, the bold orange patterned material demands that passersby take notice. The black piping and tie at the collar add such a stylish flair to this dress.  Since the hemline is on the short side, I’d recommend pairing with flats instead of heels to head in a flirty direction instead of a tarty one.

Contrast Tipped Collar Blouse,Turquoise Belted TrousersIs this blouse pleated? I hope so! I already adore the orange collar tips and edging down the button-front. The pairing with the pale turquoise trousers means we are witnessing a fashion victory. This modern twist on an early 60s color scheme is ready for work or running errands with style. I’m curious if the length is meant to fall above the ankles or that is just a result of the model’s height. I like how it looks on her, especially with her nude strappy sandals, but if they were longer they might be more versatile (more shoe choices and a wider range of appropriate tops).


Green Shirt DressFlowing and flirty, this green shirt dress is on my wish list. Those billowy sleeves cuffed at the wrist offer a very feminine addition to the mannish shirtfront. By belting at the waist this dress will be flattering on a wide variety of figures. It looks to me, however, that the wearer will need a slip as this gorgeous dress by Primark appears rather sheer.


ParkaAdmittedly, most of us are still experiencing weather more suited to this parka than the other clothes being offered by Primark this spring, but can’t we leave the dreariness behind? This dung colored coat might be warm, but it is plain and lacking in any special details. To this Primark parka, I say, “meh.”

Aztec Pocket Chambray Shirt

Someone at the Primark photo shoot is going around doing up everyone’s top buttons, and they need to cut it out! This light blue shirt looks soft and has just the right amount of flair. A single decorative pocket inspired by the ancient patterns of the Aztec people adds interest without taking the shirt into the realm of un-wearability.

Yellow v-neck Jumper, Pink ShortsEgg yolk yellow sweater or flamingo pink shorts, not both. Ever! Let’s take this look piece by piece. On the right guy, especially on someone with a darker skin tone, I can see this Primark jumper being flattering. However, this jumper needs to be paired with a dark wash jean or a navy trouser. I’m racking my brain trying to think of an outfit that could make these pink shorts work, but I’m coming up blank. Only flamboyant dressers will be able to pull these off, but I hope even those seeking a look with flair will avoid the pairing Primark has suggested in a misguided attempt to sell clothing.

From the Summer 2012 Collection

Red floral maxi-dress

This black maxi dress with red and green flowers shouts, “Beinvenidos a Miami!” If you’ve never visited the sexy southern U.S. beach, just now that this look captures its essence. Miami is about showing skin and strutting up and down the streets getting noticed. This dress looks expensive and will be perfect for dinner at a hot Lincoln Ave. outdoor patio followed by dancing the night away at a nearby club.

Multi-colored Bikini top and yellow shorts


Here’s the Miami look for day. This multi-colored bikini top has a great blend of colors, making it an easy piece to mix and match. In this shoot, the stylist high-lighted the yellow with a pair of yellow shorts. This model is ready to sashay down the beach for everyone to see or ride a bicycle along the beach path. My favourite part of this look is the addition of the long plastic necklaces. It seems jewelry is always being used in swimsuit photo shoots, but actual beach visitors never accessorize. Be the best dressed swimmer by adding durable jewelry to your holiday look!

Floral Print mini-dress

This dress if iffy for me. On the one hand how ready for a vacation does this chick look? Between the tongue-in-cheek-over-the-top tropical floral print and the long expanses of golden skin, she is a post card for a Florida holiday; BUT, how often are we going on a Florida holiday? Where the hell will she wear this after the trip is over? With Primark’s low prices, any purchases is not a huge commitment, but I’m not sure this is a worthy dress to add to a wardrobe based on its limited wearability.


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    Much like many of the visitors here, I really wish there was an easy way to shop online. Once there is a way, I’m confident word will spread fairly fast.


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