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How many Primark locations are there in the world? While the store’s official website doesn’t necessarily state hard numbers, it’s evident that there are easily over 200 Primark stores situated throughout the UK, Ireland, Spain, among a few other countries such as Portugal and the Neterlands.

The company holds its headquarters in Dublin – one of the largest and most well-known cities in all of Ireland. A Mr. Paul Marchant operates at the CEO, and the retailer is known primarily for supplying goods in fashion and apparel, as well as bags, jewelry and other accessories.

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Common Primark Store Brands & Labels

shop primark store onlineOne unique and enjoyable aspect of this chain’s clothing is the fact that it is all designed, produced and distributed soley for the network of Primark stores. As a result of this arrangment, there are many brands that you can find only within the walls of one of the stores.

Some of the most notable house-brands include Atmosphere, Opia, Primark Home, Limited Edition, Young Dimension, Backswing, Butler and Webb, and plenty more. All of these labels specialize in something specific, such as formal, casual, kids, or sports attire. Other sections of the namesake have their foot in something outside of clothes altogether, such as cosmetics or home furnishings.

Statistics: Physical Locations & Total Count

primark store locations mapThe latest count puts the total number of Primark stores at a staggering two-hundred and twenty-three. A bulk of these, over 150 to be precise, are nestled somewhere in the United Kingdom. Ireland hold close to forty, Spain has twenty, and so on. Belgium only holds home to one, while the Netherlands can claim double that.

The flagship store, known to be the biggest and most impressive store on many accounts, is located in the great city of Manchester, England. Sitting smack on the famous Market Street, the retail outlet is absolutely massive in size. WIth literally thousands of shirts and pants and bags to look at, you could easily spend an entire weekend soaking up the sights and trying on your favorite items in the fitting rooms.

Ethical Trading Practices

primark store ethical fair tradeOver the past years Primark has actually been subjected to media fraud and slander over the treatment of the store’s garment workers. some concern arose about the health and well-being of some fabricators in India, and the BBC eventually release footage that painted Primark in a very bad light. However, the same network that aired the video clip, later appologized and admitted the segment was not real, that in fact it was entirely ficticious.

Since then, the brand has used the blunder as an opportunity to highlight their many laudable ethical work and trade practices. In 2010 they removed the sandblasting process from their manufacturing lines, citing studies that pointed toward long-term health effects from exposure to fine sand over long periods of time.

The Stores, the Environment, and Sustainability

primark store environmental sustainabilityThe chain is no stranger to good PR, and whether they’re touting their fair trade fabrics or happy employee roster, the company is always trying to put their best foot forward and make a good name for themselves. As such, the franchise has jumped on board the bandwagon of “environmental sustainability.” Adapting practices such as using recycled bags and recycling already-used bags, or even just installing water-conscious fixtures in the lavatories, they’re on the hunt for positive, efficient change.

Not an organization to get comfortable in their quest for “greening,” the entity actually launched a clothing-recycling program in 2010. Whether collecting entire boxes of unused clothes, or even just gathering up remnant fabric that can be used by struggling communities, the concept of textile reissuing and recyling is commonsense and much-needed in many of the communities around the county, and even around the world.

For more information on the good initiatives and deeds brought forth by Primark, look into their Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children, which collects donations for needy children, donations that include everything from wheelchairs to hotwheels.

The Sad Truth about Purchasing Merchandise Online

Many people are still confused as to how you can access, shop and buy clothes from Primark online. Sadly, there’s no store website that has all their apparel in one place. The site they do have only acts as a hub for general information about the boutique locations, beliefs, business practices, and the like.

There are several items of clothing you can see by visiting the different sections on the site – from mensware to womensware, kidsware to housewares, there’s a brief selelection of each to give you an idea of what’s on the shelves and hanging on the racks. There are a few prices listed here and there, but for the most part perusing the pages will leave you upset and confused. You cannot buy anything online, but the portal acts as a good preview into what you can purchase and try on when you visit one of the 220+ Primark stores.


  1. Monica Martin says

    I was shopping in primark mullingar the other day when i noticed you have these lovely sports bras in stock. I went looking for my size thinking i might find one to fit, but o no, there was not a one bra that would fit.
    my suggestion to you is, i know many people who are the same size as me(36h) or bigger. and would love to see these sizes brought into pennys. I pay 50euro for every bra i buy in my local bra shop and these are only white or beige. Now they are not even exciting or pretty. please help!!!or at least give our sizes some consideration. there would be a line at the door waiting to see pennys new range of sizes. we would even pay up to €30for one of those bras, as the style is quiet good. monica

  2. shirley says

    i agree with the range of sizes if there more available a lot more female customers would shop more in the store i love primark us curver women need the bigger sizes

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