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If you are looking for the latest styles in women’s sexy skirts, Primark is your one stop shop. Whether it is your intention to be flirty and fun or modest and traditional, Primark offers a vast selection of skirts fit for any occasion. Plus, not only are these fantastically diverse short and long skirts sexy and fashionable, they are also very practical and affordable. Get the style you have always wanted, and never spend more than you have to with Primark’s incredible collection.

Ladies Sexy Black Midi Skirt (£3.99)
Ladies Sexy Black Midi SkirtThis skirt just says “Wow!” The ladies black midi skirt from Primark’s online catalogue is a perfect example of sexy meets professional. The length is perfect for any formal or professional setting, and the material really hugs your form to accentuate your beautiful femininity. Plus, it is jet black so it goes with just about any top you want! Click the button below to buy it online today.

Atmosphere White Lined Black Skirt (£5.00)
Atmosphere White Lined Black SkirtSimple yet elegant, this white lined black skirt from Primark’s Atmosphere clothing collection is absolutely an imperative addition to any women’s wardrobe. It is a mid length skirt with a stunning triple tier white trim pattern on the bottom which is sure to turn some heads. Plus, it can be worn for any occasion, formal or casual. If you want to order this skirt online today, click on the “Buy Now” button below.

Orange and Black Floral Bird Print Skirt (£8.99)
Orange and Black Floral Bird Print SkirtGet a load of this gorgeous multicoloured flower and bird print skirt from Primark’s online catalogue. It has beautiful depictions of golden cranes flying in between white and blue lotus flowers, all in front of a backdrop of deep matte black. This ladies skirt is just fabulous, and it makes a perfect fit for any casual or more formal occasion. To buy this lovely skirt from Primark today, click on the link below.

Blue and Black Checked Girl’s Skirt (£6.99)

Atmosphere blue black checked skirtFor a gorgeous 100% cotton skirt that is sure to turn heads, buy Atmosphere’s blue and black checkered skirt today. This beautifully lined skirt has a tie front and convenient side zip fastening, and its beautifully coloured pattern is super stylish. To buy this skirt today, click on the link below.

skater belt skirt for womenSkater Belted Stretch Waist Skirt (£2.20 – £7.99)Straight from the very top of Primark’s online Atmosphere clothing collection comes this incredible women’s skirt. Designed with a variety of different colours, this item is both fun and stylish for any kind of casual occasion. Plus, it comes with a sleek black leather belt. To purchase, click the link below.
stretch skirt colors and choicesWomen’s Plain Jersey Stretch Skirt (£3.49 – £3.99)Say hello to the very best in professional feminine fashion. This formal coloured skirt from Primark is the absolute quintessential example of sexy meeting professional. The beautiful saturated hue draws attention to the eye, while the tight form fitting shape is perfect for office wear and formal situations. This piece will show off your attractive femininity and your distinct professionalism, both perfectly all at the same time.To purchase, click the link below.

Items That are No Longer for Purchase

women's polka dot skirt

Retro fashion has never looked sexier than with the women’s yellow polka dotted skirt from Primark. The beautiful light yellow color is spiced up with little black polka dots, and the two layers of silky material give this adorable bottom depth. The material is made of very light fabric, which is absolutely perfect for summertime, and the yellow patterned bow at the waistline completes this cute, fashionable item. (Image provided by seller 2010ann2010ann on

Dark Brown Leopard Print Mini Skirt (£15.99)

brown leopard print mini skirtThis dark brown leopard print mini skirt from Atmosphere is simply stunning. If you are looking for a sexy skirt that will compliment a light or dark top and show off your wild, feminine side, this skirt is absolutely for you. To purchase this fashion favourite online today, simply click on the link below.

Atmosphere Dark Violet Maxi Skirt (£6.99)
Atmosphere Dark Violet Maxi SkirtThis beautifully exotic long maxi skirt from Atmosphere’s clothing collection is such an eye catcher. Deviating from the style of a typically modern ladies skirt, this beautiful darkly designed violet paisley pattern skirt is an incredible addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Each horizontal layer of pattern on the skirt is stitched with incredible vertically down facing lines, running the compelling spectrum of blue, violet and dark pink colours.

Lime Green Floral Scuba Skirt (£16.99)
Lime Green Floral Scuba SkirtGet a load of this fabulous lime and forest green scuba skirt from the very best of Primark’s online clothing catalogue. Perfect for any springtime or summer wardrobe, this gorgeous floral skirt is a must have for anyone’s personal collection. The design is stunning, and it is ideal for any casual or formal occasion. Click on the link now to buy the skirt today.

Ladies Black and Nude Mini Skirt (£5.00)
Ladies Black and Nude Mini SkirtJust like the rest of Primark’s beautifully extensive line of women’s skirts, this black and nude pink skirt is the perfect mix of sexy and comfortable. This etched design mini skirt makes an absolute fantastic addition to your summer wardrobe. The material is soft, making it very comfy for those early summer evenings, and the mix of earthy dark and light colours makes it stand out from other skirts.

Checkered Style Pleated Long Skirts (£15.00)
Ladies Checkered Style Pleated Long SkirtsIf you are looking for a gorgeous long skirt that shows off your fantastic form, as well as catches the eye with an adorably attractive design, then look no further! Straight from the very best selection of Primark’s online catalogue, these checkered style pleated skirts are bold and beautiful choices for the adventurous young woman.

Light Grey Cotton Bikini Skirt (£5.00)

girls light white skirtIf you are looking for the perfect skirt to wear over your bikini bottom at the beach, then look no further. This lovely light grey skirt from Primark’s Denim Co. clothing line is the perfect addition to your cool summer wardrobe. The bottom of this sexy mini skirt is slightly pleated to give it a fun, cute look. To purchase this adorably stylish grey bikini skirt today, follow the link below.

dark plum striped bottomsAtmosphere Primark Women’s Burgundy Black Stripe Miniskirt With Black Belt(£3.49)A 17″ number with a fine belt that will give you the simply chic look on the go! It’s machine washable, but is quickly washed and dried in a hotel room, too! For a great winter look, add knee high boots and a thick woolly top for contrast!

Girl’s White Spring Skirt (£9.99)

girls white spring skirtCheck out this incredible white multi-layered girl’s mini skirt. The top waist is masterfully crafted with comfortable, flexible material, while the skirt is nice and billowy and divided into horizontal sections, making it the perfect piece to wear for gorgeous spring mornings or afternoons. This skirt is the perfect garment to show off your youth and femininity. To buy it now, click on the link below.

floral festive skirtIf you’re looking for just the right skirt to wear during the fall season, look no further. Nothing says fall fashion like this fun floral pattern. This beautiful piece is embroidered with intricate designs along the colored pleats, giving it a subtle yet intricate style. The off-white, gray, gold, maroon and blue colors all visually compliment each other creating an amazing balance of festive fall flavors cascading from your waist. (Image provided by seller ahmg1943)

More Information on the Store’s Collection

From their maxi cut to the fuller length pleated midi, Primark’s array of skirts come in a variety of colours, fabrics and styles. While neutral solids are a wardrobe essential, seasonal prints and patterns are a fun addition. The printed models usually have coordinating printed blouses. However, the pieces are sold separately so a shopper can mix and match to their own desire. Beyond blouses, coordinating jackets and blazers are often available, coming in handy for transition seasonal clothing. The store caters to most any taste or occasion. Because the company carries skirts from causal to formalwear, a shopper is able to find something suitable for the office, church, or just a casual dinner date all under one roof.

Most items are available for girls and women from sizes newborn to a woman’s 20 UK- 46 D/NL- 48ES/PT. Because sets are sold as separates, women can better match their sizes for a better fit. This eliminates the downfall of the 2pc suit not fitting or the need for buying a set when only 1pc is needed. It is however, recommended that all items are tried on before purchasing. One complaint frequently mentioned about the store is the sizes not being compatible with other brands. Even though their return policy states that most items can be returned for refund or exchange within 28 days with a valid receipt and in original condition with tags, it’s very well likely they have sold out of that perfect must have item in that time frame.

Can I Buy any of this Stuff Online?

The company does not provide online sales at this time. However the chain lays claim to over 200 stores located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. In Ireland, the store is known as Penneys. Both store names carry apparel, undergarments and home items under their own private labels, which include: Atmosphere, Backswing, DenimCo and Secret Possessions. However, browsing is possible from their website. From time to time it is possible to buy their skirts new and used online from 3rd party websites or at consignment shops.

The store isn’t well known to run sales or produce coupons due to their already low prices and high demand items. Some locations have discount racks, while others do not. A shopper can expect to pay around £10 to £15 for a lady’s skirt, but keep in mind that the store does sell out of popular items quickly. When looking for a certain style or design due to be released, it is best to arrive as soon as stocking occurs.


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