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Whenever you’re searching the web to shop the Primark website online, you see several site links under the main domain in the search results. These denote some of the most popular categories on the site, including womenswear, products, stores and locations, mensware, careers and recruitment. Believe it or not, as many people are trying to find out how to get a job at Primark as they are trying to buy things at their store.

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There’s No Way to Shop on Primark’s Website

Womenswear claims it’s always on the cutting-edge of trends and fashions for women of all ages and sizes. Whether a teen stick or a curvy mother of four, you can outfit your entire family on the cheap. There’s never a need to spend a lot of money to get some of the latest looks.

Just about every single article of clothing you could buy for a girl is at the store. Starting at the top and moving down to the bottom, they have everything from hats, to sunglasses, scarfs and necklaces, tops and shirts, belts, shorts and pants, blouses and dresses, and even the undergarments such as socks, underwear and lingerie.

Looking for Shoes and Footware?

What are you looking for? Flip flops and sandals? High-tops and sneakers? Maybe even some dance-floor worthy high-heels or pumps. You can take your choice of the list because when you shop Primark you have the option to pick just about any combination of color, material, height and flair.

primark shoes online
These pictures are not from the official Primark website, but they are from an online auction site where people sell new and used shoes to the highest bidder. In that sense, this is the best and most efficient way to see the catalog of footwear offered by the retail giant.

The orange shoes on the left feature laces that run down half the shoe, and would be an adorable addition to any dress or light summertime outfit. The second pair are a mid-height heel arrangment, which isn’t so uncommon. What is a little more unique, however, would be the third pair, which have examples of some exclusive buckles and strap designs. The fourth pair aren’t necessarily shoes but they’re included in the picture just for kicks (pun intended). These are actually fuzzy backless slippers intended as house shoes or, if you don’t mind about losing a bit of your repuatation, there’s nothing holding you back from wearing them shopping at a Primark store itself.

How many Primark Shop Locations are there?

Fifty stores? No, try more. One hundred? Not even half of what the corporation calls their fleet. Actually, at just about the two hundred mark, the UK is swarming with storefronts where you can pick up a cozy sweater or cardigan when the season calls for it.

primark store locations map
Major cities such as Glasgow, Bristol, Brussle, Amsterdam and Rotterdam all have a place where you can shop for the newest Primark clothing at the best prices. Discounts and price cuts are to be seen in many places throughout the racks and shelves, however many of the locations don’t share the same exact schedule of what goes on sale, where and when.


  1. hannah says

    I absolutely adore this store! They’re website isn’t the best in the world, but at least they have one :-)

  2. Linda Faulkner says

    Hello, I would love to tell you that I love to shop for my grandchildrens clothes as your styles are great and for everyday wear they are great value and very trendy.

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