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Primark shoes are the ideal look for the classic man or woman as well as the cutting edge trend-setter. Whether you want a style that will look good for years or a fashion risk that won’t break the bank, a pair of stylish shoes from your local Primark will entice. Not only will your foot covering look and feel great, but you can feel confident in buying from this company since it has renewed its commitment to humanitarian and environmentally sound practices. So whether you want boots, sandals, pumps, dress shoes or something else, start your shopping here in order to save money and time.

The Latest Primark Shoes, Boots, & Footwear

Black Ankle Strapped Pointed Shoes (£5.99)
Black Ankle Strapped Pointed ShoesPrimark Online is your one stop shop for high fashion women’s shoes. Just take a look at these incredible black and beige ankle strap pointed flats. These ankle collar shoes are absolutely sexy and stylish. They will absolutely bring out your feminine side, perfect for that ladies night out. Plus, the black sides and toes add just the perfect amount of sexy ladies flair.

Sexy Deep Blue Suede Heels (£9.99)
Sexy Deep Blue Suede HeelsWhen it comes to sexy women’s shoes, Primark’s Atmosphere clothing and footwear line has the very best pairs. These fabulous deep ocean blue suede heel shoes are absolutely gorgeous. They are both flashy and subtle, stylish and sexy, and they are the perfect thing to wear during a night out at the club with your girlfriends or even a casual work day. Purchase them online below!

White Flat Ballerina Shoes (£8.50)
Ladies Black Flat Ballerina ShoesWomen’s footwear has never been more comfortable and attractive than these cream white ballerina pumps. These beautiful white pumps have both a professional and fashion friendly style to them, and the shape is similar to that of a ballerina’s point shoes. Slip into the world of chic comfort with these pumps, and truly bring out your inner lady.

Items No longer Available (all below images)

black suede formal shoesBLACK LACE STILETTO HEELS (£21.99)
Stilettos, stilettos, and more stilettos! These beautiful black lace stiletto heel shoes are absolutely one of the most fabulous pairs of shoes available from the store’s catalogue catalogue. These luscious platform heels are the perfect pair to wear for a fashionable evening dinner party or even a fun night at the club. The sneaker style black laces are a great hip addition to a classic sexy stiletto design.

Lasercut Peeptoe Ballerina Shoes (£5.99)
Lasercut Peeptoe Ballerina ShoesEvery woman needs a great pair of flat shoes, and these lovely pairs of red, cream and brown ballerina style shoes are just perfect. These flats are ideal for casual wear, either around the house or out on the town. Look city savvy with the adorable peptone design, and feel the exquisitely soft comfort of the inner sole underneath your feet. These pairs are a must for your wardrobe.

Black Heart Detailed Court Shoes (£8.99)
Black Detailed Court ShoesThis breathtaking pair of stylish women’s black court shoes is absolutely to die for. These perfectly beautiful black shoes are made of super comfortable material with sexy pointed toes. Plus, just take a look at the gorgeous small triangle detailed openings throughout the front and sides. Those stylish additions really make these shoes pop!

Silver Glitter Jelly Sandals (£18.99)

silver glitter jelly platform sandalsBrand new, with a retro look, from Atmosphere’s women’s footwear collection, these killer silver glitter sandals are a must buy. The silver clear glittery look with the two inch platform heel will make your feet sparkle, and the classic jelly material will keep your feet feeling very comfortable. Buy this pair of hot sandals from Primark’s online catalogue today!

black and white patterned loaferB&W ZIG ZAG FLAT SHOES (£4.99)
The store has some of the best shoe collections for both men and women all across the web. Check out these super snazzy black and white zig zag ladies flats. Straight from the very best of the Atmosphere shoe line, these flat shoes are a must add to any wardrobe. They are super comfortable and super fashionable, just the pair to complete your cool outfit.

ladies flat soledLadies Flat Ballerina Dolly Ballet Pump Collection (£8.99)Get a load of this amazing ladies pump collection! Masterfully crafted in the style of ballerina flat shoes, these pumps are made for supreme comfort as well as fabulous fashion. Each pair has a small set silk bow on the toes, and the vast array of designs in unbeatable.

Atmosphere Peach Pink Pug Slippers (£12.99)

ladies peach pink pug slippersLadies, when all you want to do at the end of the day is kick off your heels and relax with a tea, nothing says comfortable footwear more than Atmosphere’s cute peach pink pug dog slippers. These super soft slip-on slippers are perfect for unwinding in, and the sole is non-slip so that you won’t have to worry about them falling off. Plus, the pug dog design is simply adorable!

Burgundy High Top Sneakers (£12.99)

Primark red and white high top shoesTake a trip back to the wonderful decade of the 1990s with these awesome burgundy high top sneakers for men! Primark’s classically vintage red high top baseball style shoes are perfect for any casual outfit. If you are looking for the perfect mix of fashion and comfort, then these shoes are the ones for you.

Ladies Maroon Suede Heels (£15.99)

ladies purple black toed heelsStraight from the very popular Atmosphere line of Primark clothing, these beautifully classy heels are a fashion home run! Built for the modern day metropolitan professional woman, these heels are gorgeous, simple and super chic. The black toe design is hot and modern, and the height of the heel is sophisticated and sexy, transforming you into a woman of class.

Silver Sandals
Jenny also blogged about this pair of strappy sandals. This metallic flat sandal has a toe thong and ankle strap design and sells for only £2! These shoes can easily slip into a purse or bag as your back-up shoes after your high heels start to take their toll.

blue and white chucksGet a load of this sweet pair of kicks! These light matte blue and white zipper shoes are an absolute must buy. That old school high top design is to die for, and the side heel zippers and back silver buckle make this pair of sneakers one of the hottest pair to have. Whether you are in school or work in an office, whether you are an artist or accountant, these shoes have your name on them! (Image provided by seller carmeanfive on
pastel and gold pumpsThis particular store has made fewer cuter and sexier woman’s shoes than these pastel silver looped ladies pumps. These beautiful slip on pump shoes come in several different kinds of pastel colors, including purple, aqua green and red orange. The three silver jewelry loops on top of each shoe add a sexy high fashion chic to the design, while the contrasting flat color and darker border really make these pairs both fancy and delightfully simple. (Image provided by seller on
ladies black bow pump collectionFurthering the incredible trend of ballerina pump shoe collections, this black, mini bow pump collection is simply fabulous. Each pair has a black toe covering and thin black bows on top for an adorable feminine look. Plus, you can choose a pair from three different colors: a creamy beige color, jet black color, or brown and golden leopard print. (Image provided by seller on
blue suede ankle shoes We really enjoy these lace up, blue suede ankle shoes for women. This beautiful pair of beige sole, deep matte blue shoes is the perfect feminine fashion statement for women who want to project sexy style and all around professionalism. These are simply marvelous shoes! (Image provided by seller on
Primark Shoes 2011So much to talk about with this image from 2011. First of all, who wouldn’t love these brightly coloured brogues? These menswear inspired pairs get a feminine and cheeky update with their rainbow colors. They will add a pop of colour to any outfit. The challenge would be picking which eye-catcher to purchase. The suede and fringe loafers look comfy and would really compliment denim.The brown boot with the tall heel looks the opposite of comfy, but some women are willing to sacrifice for beauty. My favorite shoe on this page is the two toned smoky blue and gold platform heel. So stylish! The absolute dud is that ugly duckling black loafer with the gold buckle. Blech! On the whole, this winter shoe series from Primark is memorable and affordable.

A Note on Ethical Practices and Environmental Commitments

Primark knows that, in the modern era, you care about the people who make your items just as much as you do the style of the goods they prepare. Just as you benefit from the comfortable attire, the workers who make them benefit from safer factories. Despite the distance between the stores and their overseas manufacturing posts, the chain takes an interest in the health and safety of their workers. The labor experts seek out ways to make the manufacturing processes less toxic for the workers such as the abolishment of old sandblasting methods  in favor of a less dangerous way to give apparel a distressed appearance. This store recognizes that inexpensive products should never come at the cost of basic human decency.

This company has furthered their commitment to the ethical treatment of workers by attending to the lives of their employes when not on the clock.  Through female health programs, livable wages, and education, the firm seeks to improve communities as well as individual lives. When you purchase a set of this footwear, you can rest assured that you are being part of the solution to the world’s inequality problems.


  1. alison cooper says

    i saw some yellow patent flatties with patterned sides shown on Lorraine ITV fashion spot and cant find them in store please help

  2. Ley Jones says

    Seen a really nice pair of open toe high platform type heels in black in Harlow primark store. They didn’t have a size five available in store. Im woundering if there anymore available to buy please.

  3. Terri says

    HI, bought a pair of high back shoes, converse look a likes, all black. Got them in store, Belfast City Centre but have since found they are the most comfortable pair of shoes ever and they haven’t been stocked in my home store in ballymena. Have asked friends in England and Scotland to find them for me and can’t, please please please help.

  4. Bambi lover says

    Hey. I need those Disney Bambi flip flops! They are so adorable. How do I find them online? I spotted them on my friend the other day, and I just cant find them. Please help!!

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