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Primark shirts come cut and tailored for every size man, woman and child. Whether you’re looking for a cutting-edge top to tango into the club with, or a suave button-down to impress your CTO at the next board meeting, Primark brings well-designed shirts to the masses. UK shoppers are always yearning to purchase some of these shirts online, but unfortunately you can’t buy Primark online.

Shirts from Primark

mens primark shirtsThe examples you see to the right come from the Primark menswear homepage itself. Nothing fancy to be seen, they look like identical t-shirts hanging on black hangers, but this is just the beginning of the selection. Let’s take a peek at some of the other offerings publicized by Primark’s own website. (ALL PICTURES COME FROM THE STORE’S WEBSITE)

primark mens sweater jacketIf ferile patterns are your thing, this red knit sweater is perfect for the winter season that’s just around the corner. The quilted jacket next to it would be the perfect second layer to the ensemble. Of course it would technically be a third layer, as the sweater would likely provide one quite the itch without an undershirt of some sort. On that note, the store ofrfers a grey vest to wear above or under the warmth of the patterns.

primark mens vestCombining some of the best features from all of the above items, the knit cardigan is a perfect compliment to the just about anything you decide to put underneath it. Whether buttoned or not, the piece screams sophistication without yelling overpriced.

Primark Shirts for Women

Primark’s shirt collection for men is one of the main prides of the Primark online catalogue. However, even though Primark has a sizable array of tops for men, that same array is nothing compared to the incredibly extensive collection of women’s shirts. Every color is represented, every budget can be tapped, and every style of latch, fastener, snap and tie is to be found. Just feast your eyes on some of the examples below, which all are available from Primark’s online catalogue.

womens primark yellow topThis mustard-yellow number features loose-fitting arms and an elegantly draped bow low around the neck. The thin fabric countours to a woman’s body without clinging too tightly. Accentuating the natural beauty and lines of one’s own body is a key element of how Primark designs their shirts.

primark peterpan dressI absolutely love this design – part shirt, part dress, it’s actually kown as a “Peterpan” dress. Compliment the look with your favorite socks, stockings, clutchbag and accessories and you have a complete outfit without overspending on time or money.

Top for Kids and Children

The way Primark works is by creating and featuring many different brands to sell under their roof. For children, these names include Early Days, DenimCo, girl2girl, young dimension, and more. The words most used in these sections include fun, funky, decorative and dynamic. More than just a bunch of colorful cartoons on printed fleece, these names go farther and provide some actual styling, instead of merely producing box-style clothing like many different mass-retailers.

Where to buy Primark Shirts Online

As always, potential customers are disappointed and thrwarted when they start their quest to buy Primark clothes online, as the mega-chain doesn’t offer any e-commerce capabilities or options. So, what does that mean to people that do want to use their credit card to outfit themselves in PM style? Well, you have several options, most of which are covered on our How to Buy Primark Online page. Auction sites are the number one spot where you can go to consistently find a wide variety of sizes and models of Primark shirts and tops.

Prices range wildly depending on what you get, as well as how much it costs to ship. Keep in mind that there is no official way to get any of this from Primark itself, so any purchasing you do is sadly on your own risk and without a guaranteed return policy.

denim long sleeve shirtBring the fashion of the 1990s to the modern day with Primark’s long sleeve denim shirt for women. This stylish top is a fantastic addition to your casual wardrobe, projecting a cool attitude and friendly vibe. It is equipped with beautiful silver button snaps up and down the chest and two breast pockets for convenient storage. Plus, the beautiful washed out blue denim adds a flair to your everyday fashion. (Image provided by seller barmur33 on
women's b&w shirtSay hello to one of Primark’s sexiest female tops. It’s the black and white silk blouse for women! This gorgeous, halfway see-through women’s shirt is absolutely beautiful and stylish. The smooth black silk material is trimmed with white along the collar and down the middle of the chest making it a great piece to wear over another light top. It is the perfect combination of cute and sexy in one shirt. (Image provided by seller zoe_scanlon on
red checkered blouseCapture that vibrant feminine look with this fantastic red and white tartan design button blouse from Primark. This top rides that perfectly fine line between female sex appeal and rugged boisterousness that people just love. The cloth is nice and comfortably soft, and the both red color is a great way to attract someone special. Whether it be a cute top for spring or a warm piece for autumn, this tartan blouse is a home run. (Image provided by seller corinnekarl on
blue spotted blouseWe give this blue and white short sleeved blouse from Primark an unwavering A+ rating. This piece is a great combination of a light summer comfy shirt and an adorably designed ladies top. The white spot pattern is a cute festive part of the design, and the short sleeves are ideal for those hot summer days and nights. So slip on this wonderful top and head to the beach this season! (Image provided by seller browneyedhoney88 on
b&w striped gold button shirtTalk about classy! This black and white striped gold button shirt from Primark’s online collection is simply one of the best women’s blouses on the market. The vertical black and white stripes pronounce the long sleek design, and the small shiny gold buttons down the middle, at the chest and on the epaulettes make this shirt bold, classy and beautiful. Be sure to visit Primark Online for more incredible clothing selections. (Image provided by seller socksbull1 on
green v-neck white collar shirtThis green and white sweater vest polo shirt for women is just fabulous. The v-neck green sweater has an attached cotton white insert polo shirt for a dynamically layered and retro 1980s look. Combining a traditional cute school girl uniform top with a hip and modern sea green v-neck sweater is what makes this shirt one of the coolest shirts available from the Primark catalogue. Visit Primark Buy Online for more amazing clothes. (Image provided by seller tibber2006 on
sleeveless collared floral blouseThis long, billowy, earthy floral blouse from the online Primark catalogue is such a fantastic piece. It is beautiful, sexy, flashy yet sensible, and very comfortable. Made precisely for the dog days of summer, this gorgeous shirt is sleeveless, extended in length, and it is made of very thin material to let the breeze fly right through you. Simply magnificent! Shop at the Primark online catalogue for more incredible styles. (Image provided by seller yourstyleuk2012 on
khaki studded ladies shirtThis is one of the most unique ladies tops from Primark’s online collection. It is slightly see through, dark beige and studded to give you that sexy, dangerous type of style. Plus, each shoulder is laced with a sweet floral design to add an extra feminine flair. If you want to check out some pants to go with this adorable top, check out Primark’s online women’s pants collection! (Image provided by seller sisimiranda on

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