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Those looking to shop the Primark online store will find out how to do so on this website. This particular UK retailer often lists the prices and details of their most popular items on their website, but they do not make it easy or possible to buy those products online. On the homepage, visitors are greeted with every kind of apparel, from coats, knitwear, boots, even kidswear for the little ones. You cannot buy items from the 2012 Primark catalogue from their official site, but there are other ways to purchase great clothes from the store.

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Shopping Primark’s Store

primark online store women clothing Primark Clothing for Women
Women outspend men in Primark stores on an easily two-to-one ratio. The dresses, shorts, skirts & accessories sold here rival any other retailer when it comes to “cute” and “trendy”, but can also be had at prices far below even the closest competitor. Need a swimsuit for the upcoming summer holiday? Looking for a waterproof jacket for the fall? How about flat, belts, and sun dresses for a night out? Take a peek at the women’s section for more prices and details.

primark store online mens clothingPrimark Clothing for Men
The menswear section gives a particular nod to the brand Butler & Webb. This line of more formal wear supplies high quality cotton shirts, along with luxurious ties of silk, and finely-crafted suits. If you have a new job that requires a professional look but don’t yet have the pounds to bank roll it, this is your brand. Like all Primark items, these cannot be bought online. You will have to use the websites location feature to find your nearest physical store.

jewellery from primark 2012 catalogueJewellery and Accessories
The jewellery found here is far cuter and far cheaper than anything else you will find in the UK. The store’s biggest sub-brand of accessories, Opia, sells millions of affordable studs, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more every year, thanks to rock-bottom prices and downright-adorable designs. Take a peek at some of the items featured in their latest 2012 catalogue, and see which ones you can’t live without this season.

Clothes for Kids
shopping primark clothes for kidsSince kids grow out of their clothing so fast, why should you spend more than necessary to clothe them. With Primark’s selection of dresses, tops, and bottoms for girls, your sweetie can look cute as a button  without sending you to the poor house. Not only are clothes offered in stores from newborn to early teenager, but as soon as they are too big for those, you just bring them to the adult section.

Boys may care less about their clothes than girls, but on that first day of school, they will want to be confident. Primark offers good-looking yet still comfortable clothing for boys. Whether it’s a graphic-tee or a button down shirt, you will be able to build a whole wardrobe for your young ones on the cheap. Since there is no official Primark online store, you will have to load up the family and trek out to your nearest physical location. The downside is effort, but on the plus, you might pick up a few great things for yourself!

Trying to Buy Items through the Web?

primark online shoppers and dressesVisiting the official site will only lead you in circles when trying to buy their products and clothes online. You will learn many things about the shirts and such you wish to buy – their colors, sizes, and more – but you will not be able to add them to your shopping cart and have them shipped to your house.

While the items features on the products pages are usually trendy and affordable, Primark never puts all their offerings up for viewing. An especially noticeable lack is in the accessory department. Typically, the only shoes, bags, and jewelry you will be able to view will be as part of outfits put together for the photo shoots. Thus, the items are usually hard to see and lacking in price information.

Shortcomings of an Official Website

Primark Online ShoppersThe Primark website is well designed and laid out, with clear departments for products, store locations, gift card details, and even specifics on their ethical trading practices and theories. It is clear that the brass is paying attention to previous PR nightmare’s involving sweatshop labor.

The store’s official website gives you beautiful photos of amazingly inexpensive clothing. To find these images, click on a departments (such as women’s or kids), then click on the “products” tab. Unfortunately, the home products tab is still under development, so you have to visit physical stores to see any offerings from the home collection. These pictures offer just enough to incite lust for your very own Primark haul while providing no outlet for your credit card. There is no way to purchase clothing from the Primark website.

While the official website does not offer a lot of value, spending some time on it may still be of benefit. For instance, if you are mad keen on the store, maybe it is time to go to work for them! Their recruitment page has loads of information on job types, career paths, benefits, and training. Also, you can save yourself some of the bother that accompanies a big shopping trip by bringing the correct sizes into the fitting room. The site offers a size guide (with comparisons between different countries) so you can ensure the proper fit. Keep  in mind, too, that with prices as low as those offered in this retailer, you can afford to have pieces tailored to your exact measurements. Nothing looks more put-together and expensive than a perfect fit.


  1. laura(child) says

    where is the section dedicated to products and clothing for children? Does Primark offer kids items online in any fashion?

  2. Humara says

    Do you sell black leather jackets? I’m a huge fan of this store and would love to find a great coat for this winter!

  3. Patrick says

    My wife liked to shop at Primarks but we moved a couple of years ago from Southend. I said go and shop on line as there is no accessible shop locally. Response we found was there was no online store or workable site. So the question is – do you ever plan on having a site where one can find and order apparel?

  4. Elle says

    Love the website! Thanks for having so many cute clothes to look at, even if I can’t purchase them here it’s still fun to see things.

  5. Marian Khamo says

    Visited your Bexleyheath Branch yesterday. Ready to spend cash on holiday clothing. The items I would have liked to purchase were only available in size 10 and below. I was not the only one in the store unhappy that the store only seemed to cater for ladies under size 12.

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