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Visiting relatives in Stockport a couple of weeks ago, we all went to Primark and had such a great day out. Because the shopping was such a huge success, I wanted to find the Primark online shopping catalogue. Did such a thing exist? Shopping from home is the perfect way to look great as a young family. Who wants to pack up the kids and deal with tantrums in the dressing room if browsing for beautiful clothing online during nap time is an option?

Primark Clothing Online Shopping Catalogue

As I mentioned, we weren’t on holiday in Stockton, it was a trip to see relatives. Big difference! The shopping portion was much too brief and pressured, and almost as soon as it was over, I started thinking of things I should have had on my mental list. I was too caught up in the excitement to be thorough. Unfortunately, there is no Primark within realistic driving distance to where we live.

I was counting on the hope that the Primark online shopping site would be able to fulfill my wish list. In addition to the ease and convenience of online shopping, there is always great excitement when a parcel van brings our internet purchases. I find I’m more prone to impulse buys when shopping online. It is so easy to add things to an image of a cart! Once they arrive, I almost never regret the little extra splurge. Since I am a bargain hunter by nature, these splurges are usually great deals!

Searching for Primark Shop Online

Shop Primark Shoes Online 2012At home, I was ready to immerse myself once more in the beautiful deals I saw in person. I used my computer to conduct a Google Search and received rubbish in return! The store’s homepage has delicious items and has been done in a visually appealing way; however, even after clicking all the tabs, I still could not find a way to shop the catalogue online. Not one to give up too easily, I cast my net a bit wider…

The only other information that comes up is site after site sharing the fact that there is no official Primark online shopping catalogue or online store. There are just many people as mystified as I am that in 2012 a company as large as Primark would overlook this massive revenue generator! Not only are they just leaving money on the table, but also, big time fans (such as myself) are feeling a bit put off by the inconvenience.

While in the store in Stockport, everybody in the family found new clothing for Spring. My husband and I found affordable clothes for work and play, and the little ones look great in their bright colours. I didn’t even pay too much attention to buying over-sized so they had room to grow. At Primark’s price point we will get our money’s worth anyway. Lovely. Outfitting the entire family at once was an indulging experience. I went a little wild with excitement over the trendy things with such tiny price tags. Three CHEERS for Primark!

Shop 2012 Primark Clothing Catalogue

Because I am such a fan, I have started spending loads of time on their site. You can bet that I won’t leave anything off the list the next time I visit a Primark store. I should start a special bank fund right now because I am sure to spend a crazy amount the next time I have the chance. At the end, it will be like a cartoon where a lone fly buzzes out of my pocket book, but there will be a dopey look of contentment on my face! If you’re like me, just looking at the options gives you a bit of a buzz. Allow me to share some of my favourites posted for Summer.

Striped bikinisFirst, take a peek at these striped bikinis. You can get both pieces for £8! The bold stripe pattern adds width in just the right places. The difficult part would be picking red and white or blue and white. I briefly considered mixing the tops and bottoms by covering each half with a finger and giving a squint, but I don’t think it works. I will probably end up buying this inexpensive bikini and then going broke taking a beach holiday so I can wear it!

Red flower playsuit

I just love this playsuit by Primark for £5. The peaches and cream background with the bold red and yellow floral (and fruit?) pattern looks so summery. This strapless romper style is all sexy innocence. I would like to get a look at its construction. How does it stay up on top? Will it be secure? It is one thing to pose glamorously and quite another to haul groceries without the peace of mind straps can provide!

Pattern Maxi DressThis bold maxi dress makes quite a statement with its bright zig-zag pattern. The top seems to puff a bit before being cinched into a slimming waistline. The skirt skims the ankles. With this much bold pattern, accessories need to be kept simple. I think even her dark necklace is too much. It stops the eye from traveling the length of her neck, shoulders, and bare arms. I really like this dress, but it might not be the one I take home. I would really need to try this one on before buying.

Conclusion: Your Official Website Store

In conclusion, those of us who do not live near one of the 200+ Primark stores are victims of poor location. Because the chain lacks an online catalogue or online shopping platform, physical distance is a problem. Until this retail giant recognizes the error of its ways, we must make do. Googling Primark Online Catalogue is of little value unless you want to read again and again about how there is no catalogue or online shopping opportunity. Otherwise, you must content yourself with getting previews of what you can find in stores on pages like  this one, Primark online shopping, from my website. I love dishing about the photos of the clothes I see online, so you are welcome to peruse the impromptu catalogue I seem to be creating!


hot pink nightieWhether it be pajamas, skirts, dresses or evening wear, Primark Online has some of the best selections of women’s clothing anywhere on the web. Take this ladies pink nightie, for example. This pink evening blouse is cute, sexy and hot all wrapped up into one. The material is very soft, very thin, slightly transparent and a must have for any woman who wants to reveal that fiery feminine side. (Image provided by seller bowledover1963 on
black leather bomber jacketDon’t worry guys, Primark Online has plenty of different great clothes and hip fashions available for you too. For instance, the men’s black leather bomber jacket is one of the best wearing and best fitting men’s jackets you can find either in stores or on the web. This multi-pocketed, thick-collared leather coat is the ultimate powerhouse of warmth, comfort, style and masculinity, and it’s just one of the many fantastic jackets you can find here at Primark. (Image provided by seller pissedasanewt on
blue stitch men's shoesPrimark’s Online Store has one of the most diverse and best quality collections of men’s shoes and boots that you can find anywhere on the internet. This beautiful pair of blue stitched canvas shoes is a great example of Primark’s expertise. Stunningly crafted and stylishly put together, these shoes are a wonderful addition to any men’s wardrobe. For more of the very best of men’s footwear, check out Primark’s online men’s shoe collection. (Image provided by seller boochester on


  1. sue says

    I agree, I just tried to find an online Primark shop with no luck what so ever. The company could stand to make a lot of money by putting a list or selection of their apparel online. I look forward to the day when all this is possible!

  2. Maxx says

    I have bought king size fitted sheet Latte and pillowcases but cannot get the kingsize top sheet..Do they exist?
    Thanks and regards!

  3. Mary Stockdale says

    I bought some knickers from your Leeds store, size 12/14, when I washed them they shrunk, a jumper shrinks not knickers. Cant take them back because they dont change underwear, they are now going in the bin because they are too small, what a waste of money.

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