Primark Liverpool


The Primark Liverpool mega-store is located at the centre city across from the Marks & Spencer at Spinney House, also known to locals as the former Littlewood’s store building. The physical address is 48-56 Church Street in Liverpool. From the James Street Train Station, it’s about a 10 minute walk up Church Street. When scouting out a Primark there is a saying, “just follow the paper bags.” These stores receive so much traffic, there are generally lines of customers going to and from the shops.

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Liverpool Opening Hours & Closing Times

Mon 9:00 AM – 8:00PM
Tue 9:00 AM – 8:00PM
Wed 9:00 AM – 8:00PM
Thu 9:00 AM – 8:00PM
Fri 9:00 AM – 8:00PM
Sat 8:30 AM – 7:00PM
Sun 11:00 AM – 5:00PM

Store Products & Layout

The Primark in Liverpool contains 4 floors equaling 84,000 sq ft of retail space, serving up fashion and value to the masses. In fact, this is all part of the company’s marketing strategy to keep cost down, produce in bulk and serve to the masses without the use of advertisements. Each floor is dedicated to an area of service, like many of the other Primark stores. However, many stores do not follow the same layout. With the size of the shopping space and crowds, planning ahead will make the trip more productive and enjoyable.

1st Floor – Women’s apparel and accessories
2nd Floor – Men’s apparel, sportswear, and footwear
3rd Floor – Children’s apparel and accessories
4th Floor – Housewares and decor

Fashion, accessories, and housewares are all sold under the private brand labels only found at Primark stores . Fashion essentials, undergarments, active-wear, formal attire, shoes, handbags, and jewellery is just a hint of what to expect inside. When it comes to staple fashion items, the prices are unbeatable and who cares if someone is wearing the same khaki trousers? However, outfits for special events or clubbing can be a bit trying.

Compared to Other Locations

In contrast to other locations, the sales staff was reported to be friendlier, the floors are cleaner, and although the till queues are long, they work quickly to keep the lines moving. The large crowds are still an issue. This can be partly alleviated by shopping early through the weekdays.

The store sells in bulk, so the chances of someone else owning the same item is more likely. Many fashion savvy people have saved the deals for the office for this reason to avoid embarrassment whilst out and about. While common complaints of the shops in general are the long lines, messy sales floors, huge crowds and lack of attentive staff, the Liverpool Primark has a better reputation in comparison to other locations.

Shop Liverpool Online

Shoppers have expressed their need and want for availability to a service offering Primark Liverpool shopping online. Though the company itself does not plan to open sites for this location or any for that matter. The company has a commitment to keeping overhead down by no advertising, manufacturing in bulk, and selling in large quantities to keep cost down. A website providing online sales would cause the company to revise its strategy and raise overhead cost.

It’s still impossible to find Primark clothing online from other sources, however. As so many people do buy clothing from the retailer, these people do sell their new and used items on sites such as eBay,, and Bonanza. Thrift shops, second hand stores, and car boot sales are also awesome places to find Primark items in the Liverpool area.

About the Retailer

Primark Stores Ltd., a value retail chain leader, carries items for the entire family’s fashion needs. The company has massive, warehouse like stores situated throughout the Western European region, with the greatest concentration of shops in the United Kingdom. Operations in Ireland go by the name Pennys, where the first store launched in 1969 at Dublin.

Huge stores, like the Primark in Liverpool, will cover wardrobe needs from basics, specialty clothing, footwear, and even accessories. While the store’s main focus is on apparel items, other items such as housewares and trinkets are sold. Shoppers have compared Primark’s style to that of H&M and Forever 21, but at a lower price point. In addition to shopping, the store provides many career opportunities.

Items You Might Find At Primark Liverpool

striped girl's jumperThe colors of red, blue, gold and white have never looked as good on a woman as with this beautiful casual cardigan. This store is full of fantastic cardigans and jumper tops like this one, which combines the perfect balance of fashion, warmth and comfort. The wide open neck adds a great chic flair to this already amazing design, a perfect item to add to your autumn outfit. (Image provided by seller auysfdesign on
b&w dotted dressFeast your fashion hungry eyes on this adorable polka dotted dress, one of many cute dresses you can find at at this particular address. This black and white dotted form fitting dress is beautifully reminiscent of a young woman’s chic fashion in the 1960s. This dress is the perfect way to ring in the new spring season, and you will be sure to catch some hot looks from people around you. (Image provided by seller cbixley2012 on
atmosphere tan and cream gold buckle bagWhat a beautiful women’s hand bag! And this bag is just one of the many amazing selections from Primark’s Atmosphere collection. The nice tan colored bag is trimmed with a light cream color and a gorgeous shiny gold buckle. Plus, the bag is even equipped with a small pocket for your mobile phone! (Image provided by seller ironic25 on
ladies navy blue and white polka dotted jumperMore from this great store, this ladies navy blue and white polka dotted jumper dress is just fabulous. Made to fit over any light colored short or long sleeved top, this adorable jumper is hip, sexy, young and modern. Plus, the cross designed straps in the back add a fun, suspenders type of look, which is great for any casual occasion. (Image provided by seller charlotte.1234denham on
ladies black and white bow hand bagCheck out even more gorgeous bags you can find, like this adorable black and white hand bag! The black trims surrounding the beautiful off white color is classy, metropolitan and chic, and the black bow in the front of the bag is just so cute. It is delightfully fun, adorably light and feminine! (Image provided by seller debbie1805 on
grey button belt skirtOut of the many different ladies skirts, this is one of the store’s most popular fashion friendly pieces. This gorgeous black and grey thinly striped skirts is a perfectly cute little number for an afternoon in the park or walking around a metropolis. Plus, the pleats at the end add a beautiful flair to the whole garment. (Image provided by seller carag87 on

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