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Those looking for Primark clothing online, or looking for how to buy Primark online, should know that there are plenty of websites where you can read about how to do exactly that. However, it’s good to know right at the start that you can’t actually buy Primark clothing online, you can only look at it and possibly purchase it used or from websites that aren’t official or related to Primark UK in any way.

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Primark Clothing Online

A quick trip to the homepage of the European retail store will lead you to one of many different pages that feature Primark items, clothes and merchandise. Separated neatly into categories of clothing for men, women, children and swimwear makes it easy to navigate the store’s online catalog, but makes it all the more frustrating that you cannot actually buy any of it on their official site. Regardless, here are some of the items you’ll find when searching for the best thing to buy when you finally make it to one of the many Primark locations.

A Sample of What’s in Store
primark men sweater onlineOne of the things this particular store is known for is Primark cardigans, which are available in just about every size and age group. The one seen here is separated into several different sections, each with its own unique pattern. Starting with a solid collar and moving down to a patterned banner across the chest.

Horizontal lines complete the torso and end the garment at the same solid color as that started the garment. Five buttons close-up the unit completely, but it would likely be unfashionable as such. Most gentlemen leave it unbuttoned completely, or secure somewhere between one and three buttons.

Online Primark Clothes for Men

Aside from the top pictured above, there is plenty of mensware to go around when looking at Primark clothing online. Jackets modeled after sports teams, leather ones, fabric ones, suede numbers, and these are just some of the things you can find on the website.

primark clothing onlineThe model in this particular picture is donning just about every variety and item of apparel you can put together. Grabbing the lapels of his extra-long, but not quite peacoat length, coat gives him a sense of almost aggressive elegance.

The sash-looking device draped around his neck seems to be a scarf of sorts, most of which hides nicely inside the flaps of his coat. Skinny legs pants narrow themselves directly down to a single cuff, with shiny shoes complimenting the look.

I don’t see any jewelry or accessories on the man, and of all the Primark clothes to be found online it’s surprising they decided to put this particular individual in a plain white shirt. Yet, it does show the versatility of everything else when put against a non-offensive white background.

Tips to Buying Primark Clothing Online

Primark UK has zero capability of e-commerce, and does’t let customers buy Primark clothing online in any way. You can find second-hand merchandise, or things listed on resale and auctioning sites. Often times this will be a cheaper route to take than buying something directly from the store, as used clothing depreciates in value, especially after it has been worn even just once.

Without the tags, you’re guaranteed to lose almost half the value. However, when something is particularly rare people will end up paying almost double and triple retail price just to get their hands on it. Once a celebrity has been seen wearing something the public will often clamor over it, selling out and making it an instant collectible


  1. Mrs D Baxter says

    It’s unfortunate to read that the chain doesn’t offer a way to come away hands-full with goodies. I came online with the distinct goal of spending money and filling my wardrobe, only to realize I’m left without any option to actually do so.

  2. Katniss says

    I came on here wanting to find actual shopping but unfortunately it doesn’t appear like that is a possibility. I heard that H&M is starting to offer ways to buy merchandise through their website for brands such as New Look. Any idea if the same thing is coming here for this store?

  3. Anrew R says

    How often does Primark update their catalogue? Are these the most recent items they’ve posted on their official website?

  4. Linda Swatman says

    Please, please could Primark open an on-line store, and be able to deliver to Cyprus! Most of the UK on-line stores will deliver all over the workd with the EXCEPTION of Cyprus! Why is this please. The only exception to this is New Look, who are brilliant!

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