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While Primark does not offer an official 2015 clothing catalogue either in print or online, this page features great pictures and links for clothing and accessories that are currently on sale, or just past season. While you cannot buy any of these items from the company’s official site (there’s no way to officially shop Primark online) many of the items you see below can be found on various resale websites and auction listings.

The store is really missing an to provide customers with an easy way to browse and buy online, but it does not seem that the company is hurting for sales or customers, either. In the meantime, below are some great items that have been featured over various seasons and publications, including those for Fall and Winter 2013.

Primark’s Catalogue Online

Ready to make do with old and new photos from various sites? Even if you can’t buy a particular item depicted here, these photos will give you some idea of what the store has to offer men, women, and children.

Make a list of the items you most desire, then pop into a store near you and let the hunt begin. Fans of the brand are often able to pick up similar pieces through auction sites and other non-official vendors.

A Sample from our Shoe Catalogue

Snakeskin Pump

Take a walk on the wild side with this snakeskin print pump. The two-inch heel will provide a boost in height but not kill your poor feet. The closed toe makes it a good choice for an upscale office, but the cheeky material will take you into evening festivities. If you take care of this shoe, it will last for years. Not too trendy to be seen again and again, and if animal prints have proven anything over the past twenty plus years, it’s that they are extremely resilient when it comes to holding up with the times and trends.

Primark's Neon Wedge

Next, we have a statement shoe that will be the attention grabber of your outfit. This neon-yellow coloured wedge sandal has a platform base and ankle straps in the same colour as the main shoe. This pop of colour will get noticed. Don’t sweat what to pair it with, you’ll surprise yourself with this shoe’s versatility. Watch where you walk, though; such a light and bright fabric will easily pick up grass stains and city dirt. A little bit of fabric protector spray would go a long way in keeping these looking cheeky all summer long.

Leopard Peep-toeHow’s this for attractive? This peep-toe pump brings  the va-va-voom with its leopard print toe and sleek coral racing stripe sides. The criss-cross straps in skin-tone colors will have a slimming and lengthening effect on ankles, and the three inch heel is sure to catch the male glance. It blends in a touch of the print that can be seen so readily on the shelves of boutiques and big box stores alike.

Black and Cream Wedge

Need to maximize your shoe-purchasing budget but balk at neutrals? The next Primark shoe to the right is a wear with anything that is anything but boring. A black and cream geometric pattern is woven onto the wedge base and foot strap, while all other straps remain black. This shoe will be more comfortable than a pump, while still offering the benefit to the appearance of your legs. Petite women and those with large ankles should opt for a different style,however. A black ankle strap blocks the sweep of the eye, truncating and widening the lower legs and ankles.

Blue Patent FlatThis blue slip-on flat has a nautical flair. Part boat-shoe and part loafer, it is easy to imagine keeping these nearby as a go-to cute and comfortable shoes. The white trim really contrasts with the blue patent. These are likely light and skinny enough to be slipped into your bag to serve as a back-up shoe when you start getting blisters.

Black, white, and red Wedges from Primark

These red, white, and black wedges have quite a bit going on. First there is the black and white woven pattern at the base. This is topped by a red patent material covering the wedge. Hemp rope detailing speaks of summer. The toe strap and ankle strap are both black but seem to be made of different materials. The toe portion is a clear black plastic. I’m thinking this is a recipe for sweaty slipping and fogging. Eeewww. This is one of my less favorite pairs of Primark shoes, but I know there are women out there who will love them and make them look great.

What to Expect in the Ladies Section

Tangerine skirt and cream blouseWhat’s not to love about this outfit? The accordion pleating and the longer length of the skirt offer an early 1920’s vibe, but in that tangerine colour, the skirt is very “now.” The high-necked, cream blouse is sheer with a flounced hem. A perfect flowy top to be paired with the lady-like romance of the skirt. This outfit does not show much skin, but there is no denying that it is all female. The neutral wedges add to the femininity without trying to fight the bright skirt for attention. Beautiful!

Yellow Eyelet Outfit from Primark

Moving from the 20s to the 60s, Primark offers a sunny yellow eyelet blouse and skirt combination. The blouse has a retro Peter Pan collar and A-line construction. The skirt is also A-line and  hits at the knee. I like both these pieces, but I would be more likely to buy one or the other and pair with a solid color. I really like the blouse and can see it with white capri pants and white wedges. Ready for a day at the shore with bottles of Coca-Cola and a red-checked picnic blanket. Such a throwback!

Bright pink Primarks skirt and white blouseA bright pink, flowing skirt and a crisp white blouse make this outfit a great pick for summer. The white top has a contrasting neckline in tan and cap sleeves. The pink skirt is made from a sheer material but offers a built-in lining to the knee. This means your underthings stay private, while your legs stay cool. This combination is one of my favourites from from the Primark Spring 2012 collection.

Colorful Dress from PrimarkThe zig-zag patterns on this dress make it perfectly suited for a fun day shopping on the square with friends. It features a shoulder-less design that makes moving around as easy and breezy as the fabric itself. Hugging the waist closely, this outfit is a quick and cute ensemble for any girl looking to add a touch of color to their look. This is one of the 2012 items debuted on the store’s official website.


  1. charlotte says

    I would like to see more variety of the things that they sell in stores online. Also I would like a larger variety of backpacks.

    Thank you for reading and I hope you take my comment in.

  2. abby says

    I know it’s asking for a lot, but I would love it if there as actually a way to find online shopping capabilities here. Any luck for anyone else?

  3. h.j.siggins says

    I am curious as to whether this store sells undergarments for men. Do they have a wide selection in this area?

  4. prmrk fans says

    What’s the best page on this site to see pictures of what’s for sale in 2012? Is there a consolidated catalogue?

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