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A cardigan is simply a sweater, whether it be hand or machine knit, that features buttons or a zipper down the front. Primark is one of the UK’s premier distributors of fine-quality cardigans for the masses, thanks to their wide reach throughout the region and their uncanny ability to pinpoint some of the hottest fashions infiltrating the areas. Named in honor of a Mr. James Brudenell, who was actually an Earl of Cardigan, and his tendency to wear suit-like tops that resemble current-day cards. Modern fashion houses have helped to rekindle the popularity of this style, and the ever-increasing exposure in tabloids and fashion rags further pushes the appeal of the style.

Cardigans for Sale by Primark

The best part about Primark is their lack of discrimination when it comes to providing choices for their customers. No matter if you’re two feet tall or six, twenty pounds or two hundred, pear-shaped or an orange, there are Cardigans, sweaters and tops designed to fit you perfectly. Below are some of the latest examples from the official PM store website (ALL PICTURES FROM THE STORE’S SITE – PRODUCT SECTIONS, unless otherwise noted.)

Long Buttoned Ladies Red Cardigan (£4.99)
Long Buttoned Ladies Red CardiganIf you want to up your fashion game for the autumn and winter season, then this lovely ladies red cardigan is absolutely for you. This lovely long bright red card has six buttons down the lower middle for a form fitting, hip hugging style. The vertical material design adds a distinguished flair to the whole piece, and it is one of the coziest and warmest cardigans that you can find online. Buy it now by following the link below.

Green Gold Button Cardigan (£5.99)
Green Gold Button CardiganAdd some distinguished flair to your wardrobe with this gorgeous green cardigan from Primark Online. This fantastic card is the perfect top for that chilly autumn weather. It has six beautiful gold buttons running from the middle to the bottom, and it even has two front pockets for your convenience. To get warm and look fabulous this season, buy this green cardigan online today!

Atmosphere Blue Maxi Cardigan (£3.99)
Atmosphere Blue Maxi CardiganNothing says fabulous fashion like this gorgeous blue cardigan from Primark. This maxi card makes the perfect bold and confident statement in any setting, whether it be for work or a casual dinner party. With a solid row of mixed blue buttons right down the middle, this beautifully symmetrical look provides a fantastic sense of balance between your body form and the form of the sweater.

Atmosphere Sparkly Silver Cardigan (£15.99)
Ladies Atmosphere Sparkly Silver CardiganThis lovely waist length grey and silver cardigan is the perfect mix of form and fashion. Atmosphere’s women’s sparkly silver card is made of 52% acrylic and 48% polyester materials, making it fit and feel terrific. Plus, the sparkled collar with black trim adds supreme elegance to the entire piece of clothing. To buy this wonderful cardigan today, click the button below.

Atmosphere Ladies Colourful Knit Cardigans (£8.99)

ladies wool knit sweatersThese gorgeous women’s wool knit cardigans from Primark’s Atmosphere line are simply fantastic. They come in either a beautiful blue, green and beige striped pattern or a breathtaking red, pink and grey striped pattern. These comfy cards will come in handy for those chilly autumn and winter nights, perfect for wearing while your cozying up next to a warm hearth.

School Uniform Pullover Sweater (£7.99)multiple colors availableThis fantastic school uniform style pullover sweater from Primark is a must have for the new school season. It comes in a variety of colours including, burgundy, grey, forrest green and navy blue, and they are all made of the warmest fleece material.
Women’s Long Sleeve Plain Zip Up Hoodie (£9.45)red hoodiePerfect for any casual occasion, this awesome ladies zip up hoodie sweatshirt is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Made of nice, warm and soft materials, this super comfortable sweatshirt is so inexpensive and comes in the following different colors: red, purple, royal blue, and cerise.

Former Styles (no longer available)

Known as the “Preppy Shawl Cardigan,” this menswear-only piece comes emblazened with the number #54 across the left chest. Featured on the homepage of the shops main site, this is a perfect example of why the brand is so popular for this type of top. The black stripes along the bottom of the card are especially catching, and match the wide black lapels nestled on each side of your chest.

womens knit cape from primarkIf there is one thing that Primark does best, it is thinking outside the box. Part of staying ahead of the cardigan fashion curve is looking beyond a traditional outlook and seeking more creative and clever design ideas. Take this beautifully knit, cream colored caped cardigan to the right. Its half-sized design combined with the tassels adorning the edges and boldly dark colored buttons transform a simple idea like the cardigan into something modern fashionable and attention-grabbing.

Atmosphere Long Sleeve Acrylic Cardigan (£7.99)
Atmosphere Log Sleeve Acrylic CardiganBundle up in the warm comfort and cutting edge fashion of the blue and cream patterned women’s long sleeved cardigan from Primark. Chic yet simple, this card hangs at hip length and has a low hanging neck for style. Plus, the lovely acrylic material provides extra comfort during chilly autumn evenings. Not only does this top capture the eye, it gives of the distinct flavor of a modern metropolitan woman.

Atmosphere Vintage Knitted Rust Cardigan (£4.50)
Atmosphere Vintage Knitted Rust CardiganThis fantastic red orange rust-coloured cardigan from Primark’s online women’s clothing collection is one of the best pieces you can buy for your wardrobe. This vintage style knitted card is ideal to wear for any early autumn evening, whether the occasion be casual or formal. The color is beautiful, the knitted material is very comfortable and the price is right, so buy this lovely cardigan online today!

Men’s Cardigan – Sky Rebel – With Stripe Detail On Sleeve And Hem (£30.49)

striped long sleeveThis classic style cardigan is designed with stripes on sleeve & hem, material is 100% Acrylic.
It comes with V-neck, button front and is machine washable. A real winter warmer to have with you when going outdoors or to the gym!

Atmosphere Beige Colour Striped Cardigan (£4.99)
Atmosphere Beige Colour Striped CardiganThis lovely beige coloured long worn women’s cardigan from Atmosphere is a fashion home run. This gorgeous long sleeved top is ideal for any early spring or middle of autumn wardrobe. The material is so soft and comfy, and the pastel pink, red, blue and orange striped design is both cute and gives out a nice warm vibe. This beautiful cardigan is an absolute must have for your in between seasonal wardrobe.

Atmosphere New Ex Ladies Contrast Sleeve Cardigan (£10.95)

grey and beige for womenBrrrrr… the temperatures are dropping and so are the prices to warm-up your wardrobe! This contrast sleeve cardigan comes in sizes 8 to 20. Cardigan colour is beige, sleeves are a pastel yellow/green. An elegant combination for all occasions!

Black Women’s Net Sweater (£8.99)
Women's Net SweaterIf you are looking for the perfect thing to throw on over your top for both warmth and fashion, look no further. This lovely net crochet-inspired jumper cardigan from Primark is the ideal sweater to wear over a light top during those chilly autumn evenings. It has a beautiful leaf and floral pattern that will compliment any other top you want to wear. Buy this marvelous card today online!

Crocheted Acrylic White Cardigan (£4.99)

Atmosphere white lace cardiganThis fabulous white acrylic crocheted women’s cardigan from Primark’s Atmosphere line of ladies clothing is perfect for any occasion. This beautiful white card has a three quarter sleeve and the beautiful acrylic material is both fashionable and super comfortable. Perfect to throw over any kind of top, this cardigan is ideal for both formal and casual occasions. To buy it now, click on the link below.

women's black cardiganJust take a look at this gorgeous cardigan! The black buttoned wide neck women’s cardigan from Primark is a fashion knockout. The material is made of part wool, making it perfect for those chilly autumn afternoons, and the white buttons add an extra professional style to the whole garment. The wide neck hints at a sexy style of top, while the dark long sleeves make it practical for colder weather. (Image provided by seller catlover666)
high neck b&w striped cardiganThis incredible black and white striped cardigan from Primark’s online collection is simply irresistible! The very chic and stylish high neck cut is quite atypical of today’s style of cardigan, but it works so beautifully with this top. Plus, the black and white striped design is just so classic, you will be attracting people to you wherever you go! (Image provided by seller sampad90)
atmosphere pastel peach cardiganJust look at that color! This gorgeous pastel dark peach card from Primark Online is simply a wonderful piece. The material is nice and thick, not to mention unbelievably soft, which makes it the perfect top for chilly early spring and autumn weather. Just like most of what comes out of Primark’s Atmosphere line of clothing, this cardigan is very much a must own. (Image provided by seller so-in-style-clothing)
loose fit blue white striped cardiganClassic yet modern, retro yet hip, this awesome cardigan from Primark is a must buy. The thick white and dark navy blue stripes give this top beautiful aesthetic texture, while the loose fit design makes it a totally modern piece of clothing. It is just perfect for those amazing warm spring and summer afternoons, not too hot and not too breezy. (Image provided by seller lilylou1000)
Primark navy green cardAs autumn comes around the corner, you’ll want to dress for the change. And what better way to dress for the change than throwing on this gorgeous, fashionable women’s navy green cardigan from Primark. Soft and comfy, as well as slim-fitting, this top is sure to attract some attention as the leaves begin to fall. (Image provided by seller emilypearce95)
shawlSharing similar features but coming across as entirely different, this Jacquard Shawl Collar cardigan places a pattern across and above the chest, and a smaller lapel setup than previously featured models. The dark grey base color is rich, blending in well at the office or around the home. The lighter color of the Pretty Shawl seems slightly more casual, and might be more at home around the fireplace or possibly while watching your local sports match.


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