How to Buy Primark Online (a fan’s guide)


Anyone looking for a way to buy Primark clothing online will be disappointed, as everyday shoppers can’t shop or buy from the store’s official website. The store relies exclusively on their physical locations to make their profits. They do operate their own corporate website with valuable info about locations, sizing, and job opportunities. However, the popular retailer does not sell its garments over the Internet. You can buy garments secondhand from other individuals who have purchased them at physical locations.

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Buying Primark Clothes Online (your unofficial options)

Many entrepreneurs make money selling & buying Primark online through third party websites, grabbing some of the more popular clothing items in sizes they think are in demand. They are taking a gamble that those without access to stores will be willing to pay higher prices and pay for shipping just for the chance to buy these of-the-moment trends. These individuals charge higher prices because making money is their incentive for going to the trouble. Surprisingly, even with the middleman mark up, the clothes are still more affordable than most department stores.

The high demand for these inexpensive items keeps third party buyers in business. This desire increases in individuals who want the fashionable  offerings of this store but live in a country without Primark locations (demand is especially high in the U.S. with people who were wooed by the store when they lived in our visited a city with a store). Most of those individuals go to Ebay to buy items online. A few shoppers go to Craigslist to get the items they crave.

Virtual Shopping Options for Diehard Fans

As mentioned above, when you want to buy Primark garments through the World Wide Web, you may be able to find pieces on an online classifieds website. The garments available on Craigslist might be a little cheaper than those that can be located on Ebay. Many folks who post advertisements on that service work with PayPal. That commerce mediator charges its own fees for each transaction it manages. Most sellers include a purchase price clearly labeled next to their good.

buy primark online womens dressBecause all fees charged by eBay and PayPal are going to be passed onto  you as the consumer, you may be able to save some money by using online classifieds, as opposed to auctions. It never hurts to form a relationship with a seller, as they might be persuaded to pick up sizes in your style when they make a run to a physical store.

What great looking items are you missing out on by living far away from an actual PM outpost? This great color block shift dress, for one! Want to snag dresses online? The only place to shop for this piece is in one of their physical locations. In the near future, you might be able to find the hottest looks of next season on t

Geometric print dress Primark Summer 2012Spending time familiarizing yourself with the newest releases from this UK and Ireland based retailer will help with your online hunting. All the clothing and swimsuits currently featured on the official website have a Miami theme, and this dress is no exception. That flamingo pink and aqua colour pattern on the high necked mini-dress just says, “Mai Tai on the beach, please.” We  aren’t keen on the pink visor, but sun protection is always a plus from a fashion accessory.

Examples of Great Finds

blue ebay primark shirtThis fancy-style blue top is comfortable being seen in a club, on campus, or even at work events. Just because you can’t ‘officially’ buy Primark doesn’t mean you can’t buy it at all, you just have to be willing to dig a little deeper to find the best deals and bargains. dimensions primark shirt on ebayThis one is from the store’s popular “Dimension” label, which offers a very H&M-approach to designs. Geometric patterns, proud text exclamations and fitted cotton make up a good percentage of what’s offered when shopping the Dimension line.


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