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First opened in April of 2007, the Oxford Street Primark location is arguably the biggest and most expansive Primark store anywhere in the UK. This London-based store, situated on the ever famous Oxford St., occupies over seventy-thousand square feet of space, most of which is utilized to show off many of the hottest Primark clothes, dresses and accessories. The Oxford Street location is known as the brand’s flagship store, one that sits quite close to London’s Marble Arch. The city is feverish about the affordability, practicality and style of the store’s many brands and items.

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Primark Oxford Street Store Location

The actual address for the retailer is 499-517 Oxford St. city of London, W1C 2QQ, UK. The most famous nearby landmark, as mentioned above, would be the marble arch, situated just west of the storefront. The map below illustrates the shop’s location in respect to the surrounding neighborhood.
primark oxford street store location map

How to Get There
Getting to the store is almost as easy as spending too much money in it once you’re there. The Central Line will take you practically straight to their doorstep if you stop at the Marble Arch exit. Located in Paddington, one could also consider bus lines 94, 274 and 390 to arrive at your shopping destination. Of course, always make sure to check your local transit authority for updated schedules and route descriptions.

Oxford Primark Opening Hours and Phone

primark open hours sign (photo flickr: monica's dad)Primark’s Oxford location is open between the hours of 8:30am and 10:00pm every day except Sunday, when it opens at the same time but closes an hour earlier, at 9pm. Few stores in America open this early, with many waiting until 10:30 or 11:00 before they even crack their doors to the shopping public.

Between these open and closing hours you are free to access any and every part of the store, and you’ll need to take advantage of every minute considering that once you get home, you won’t be able to shop Primark store online to supplement, exchange or replace your latest purchases. Despite having an official website with product samples and pictures, it’s still not possible to use a credit charge, check or cash to buy Primark clothes online. The company’s business model of bulk deals with suppliers makes it troublesome to promise a certain level of stock and inventory to online website shoppers.

Clothes, Quality, Catalog and Changing Rooms

Similar to mega-chain H&M (yet another affordable-fashion store that doesn’t allow online shopping abilities) Primark sells stylish clothes -often ones involving designs copied directly from current designers and trends- at cheap prices. They can afford to sell items so cheaply because they have a hassle-free approach to purchasing on the supply side. Buy cheap, buy bulk, sell fast.

Will Primark have lots of clothing to buy at their stores? Yes. Will they be able to re-stock your favorite items once they’re sold out? Sadly, the typical buyer is greeted with the reply, “no.” The cost of discount clothing now, is the inability to predict whether or not the same item of apparel will be available two months, two weeks, or even two days from now. On that note, the stoe offers a large number of changing rooms. These stalls allow buyers to try on just about anything they see around the shop’s floor.

Items You Might Find At Primark Oxford Street

ladies sand coatThe Oxford store is home to many wonderful coats of all sizes for all purposes, but this gorgeously chic camel colored button up coat is, by far, one of the best. Autumn and winter fashions are never complete without a beautiful beige button coat like this one. The collar is nice and wide and the waist is form fitting. Plus, it’s incredibly warm for those chilly or rainy days. (Image provided by seller tinyplanet3 on ebay.co.uk)
gray frilly dressSweet and pretty girl’s dresses like this one are in abundance. The deep gray hue and frilly lace designs in this dress is a beautiful departure from your typical brightly colored spring dresses. Plus, the waist is form fitting, which makes the skirt pronounced at the bottom. This is a very adorable and attractive look for any young woman in any setting. (Image provided by seller sammie-louise on ebay.co.uk)
ladies black and white design trim dressSometimes it is hard to put a certain dress’ beauty into words, like this incredibly and masterfully designed black and white dress. The absolutely beautiful white embroidered curved designs around the trim of the dress set this one apart from most modern dresses that you can find at any fashion retailer. (Image provided by seller debbie1805 on ebay.co.uk)
ladies tan brown shoulder bagWhen it comes to finding the right ladies shoulder bag, this location is the place to be! Take this awesome tan brown shoulder bag from the world renowned Atmosphere brand: it’s smooth, gorgeous, spacious and incredibly fashionable. Plus, the big button clasp on the top of the bag, consistent with the whole color scheme, completes the classic shoulder bag look. (Image provided by seller 3011lise3011 on ebay.co.uk)
striped gold button dressThis address has one of the biggest, if not the biggest selection of gorgeous women’s dresses, and this one is one of the most flattering, stylistically unique and fabulously fashionable. The delightful white and blue vertically striped design is beautifully accented by the two cascading columns of gorgeously shiny gold buttons on either side of the chest. (Image provided by seller so-in-style-clothing on ebay.co.uk)
ladies pinstripe suit vestWhen browsing, you will find a multitude of fabulously feminine suits and formal wear, including this gorgeous little piece. This black and grey pinstripe suit vest from Primark is a must have for those fancy occasions. The four brass buttons on the bottom add flair and class to this classically professional garment, made with only the finest materials. (Image provided by seller jessicamatin on ebay.co.uk)


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    I wish there was more information on what this location actually sold. Are there any hauls or pictures that do justice to the apparel they carry?

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